27 March 2017

there are two songs i've heard lately that make me want to drop everything and lock myself in my camper until i write & record something as brilliant, even if it takes the rest of my life.

the first is this Lorde song i heard a few weeks ago that brought me to tears the first time i heard it, and lots of times after that.  
heroic vulnerability in this one.

and the other is this Fiona Apple song. this past weekend i binge watched a showtime series called "the affair" and it's ok, it's kinda monotonous but addicting for some reason. but the song in the title sequence is so brilliant and haunting, i don't even know the right words to describe it. it's stuck in my head and every time i hear it i have a new emotion and interpretation. close your eyes when you listen so the video doesn't contaminate it. 
i dream of writing a song this good.