11 March 2017

i'm so grateful for this. 

today, while it rained outside, i transformed my little house into a recording/rehearsal space. i have 65 square feet total to work with, and at least 15 of that is bathroom/closet space. but i made it work. and i love it. i love the limitation. it's healthy. 

it was very important to me that my music setup be permanent, that i would not have to dismantle it to sleep, or eat, or pee, and i achieved that. i'm just waiting for one more pedal to arrive in the mail and then it will be complete. and though this space is small, it's the first place i've lived where i can sing loud. i'm looking forward to it.

i'm starting a new chapter of my miss moonlight music project. in the past, my recordings were buried underneath layers of software-generated effects. but i'm not going to do that anymore. i want to record songs that i can play live, solo. i want to focus on the quality of the lyrics and refine the tones of the instrument- which will only be bass from now on. i played a lot of solo shows with guitar and it never felt right. it doesn't do anything for me, to play guitar. it's such a shallow sound, without feeling. but bass moves through my whole body, and i can feel it, probably even more than i can hear it. it makes the earth move. it makes my blood flow. it's the thing that saved me, that woke me up, 14 years ago. 

anyway, it's been a long time since i've played, recorded, played live. but i think the break was good. i feel smarter now, and more aware of what i want, how i want things to sound. but more importantly, how i want things to feel.