28 December 2013

happy holidays to you!

in appreciation of your sweet support, i will send a handmade watercolor postcard to anyone who sends me their mailing address between now and the end of the year. email me at

i hope 2014 is the best year yet for all of you! 

big love. 

03 December 2013

9 x 12 watercolor & ink

30 November 2013

9 x 12 watercolor & ink

27 October 2013

9 x 12 watercolor & ink

22 October 2013

i'm very excited to announce that my recordings are now available on bandcamp.
thanks so much for your endless love and support. xo

08 October 2013

9 x 12 watercolor & ink

12 August 2013

the visitor
9 x 12 watercolor & ink

magic hour
9 x 12 watercolor & ink

9 x 12 watercolor & ink


12 July 2013

new stuff..

a gift for my nephew for his high school graduation,
11" x 14" watercolor & ink, handmade frame..

my submission for austin art boards,
6" x 24" watercolor & ink..

my first album cover design,
for chicon..

in other news..

i'm hoping to play some shows soon with a full band.
it's in the works.  yes!  stay tuned..

thanks for stoppin by.


05 May 2013

04 March 2013

january's song:

more drawings added to b-sides & outtakes:

13 January 2013

i made a photo gallery for extra drawings for this year,
because i made a rule that i can't post a picture on a day that i didn't draw it,
so i have extras.

2013 ~ b-sides & outtakes


02 January 2013

2013 project:

a drawing or haiku every night
an inspiration post every week
a song every month
a video every three months


01 January 2013

hey there, happy new year!

a year ago today i made a goal for 2012 to take a picture every day,
record a song for every week, and make a video for every month.
the results are posted at the links below.

thanks so much for the love & support!
i hope 2013 is the best year yet for all of you.


~ jana