30 March 2012

when i was little and the outside world was disappointing or too painful to bear,
i would hang out in my room alone and create imaginary worlds of my own,
with stick figures going on all kinds of adventures.

i still do this now and the good thing about being an "adult" is that
i can make these imaginary worlds on my computer,
upload them to the internet, and share them with you.

this is my video for march:

thanks for watching. xo


21 March 2012

hi there. i'm taking a little break from this,
i'm busy with some other things right now.
i'll still have a song for every week and a video for every month,
but i need to work on some other stuff. xo


09 March 2012


01 March 2012

thanks to the rain
the wildflowers are blooming again

i've been wandering around town the last few days
taking pictures. enjoy. xo