31 January 2012

My producer poses for my last photo for January:

One month down for this 2012 project. My favorite thing so far is the momentum..
not having time to analyze what I've just finished, because I have to move on to the next song or video or photo.
Is that good or bad? I don't know. I like the momentum though. My hands are getting back into shape,
and I'm learning new little recording & mixing tricks and video animation stuff.
It's nice to be able to focus, it's nice to get over the fear of putting stuff out there.

I received some harsh criticism from a good friend recently, regarding my music..
but I'm just going to keep doing this because it's what makes me happiest.
Thanks for stopping by.


01 January 2012

part II

I hate the feeling of walking on eggshells, especially when it comes to creativity.
I hate the voices in my head that analyze and over-analyze every little thing I do
to try to figure out if it's "good enough." Whatever that means.

So for a whole year, I'm not going to listen to those voices.
Just this once, I'm going to focus on quantity rather than quality.
A photo every day, a song every week, a video every month.
Maybe more, but not less.

Pure freedom of expression.

Thanks for stopping by. xo


part I

2012 ~

  a photo a day.   a song a week.   a video a month.

Happy New Year!