20 December 2012

i'm working on song 52 right now, the last song for this year.
my video for december will include the 366 photos from this year,
so that video will be posted in the beginning of january.

i'm very excited to be finishing this project,
and really looking forward to next year's adventure, which will be a little different.

giant hugs and a heartfelt thank you to the loving and supportive folks out there.


18 December 2012

this & other new songs added to my dropbox folder for this year's project.
honestly, some of them are pretty crappy.
but guess what.  they're done.
i'm hoping to finish & upload the last few this week.

thanks for visiting.  xo


09 December 2012

last month's video
i hope you enjoy watching this as much as i enjoyed making it ~


04 October 2012

hi there.

from now on i'll only be uploading full songs to soundcloud,
but a lot of the songs i'll record for the rest of the year 
will be short instrumental clips 
that i'll put here,
where you can download
any or all or none from this year.

thanks for stopping by.  xo


19 September 2012

hi there.

i'm moving everything to this blog to make it easier to post things.

i have a new inpirations blog for awesome stuff.  i'll be adding a lot more to it, past & present.

my video for august is on the way, i promise.

my soundcloud account is full, so i need to delete some songs before i can upload any more.  even though i'm a few songs behind for this project, i'm still determined to post 52 songs this year, even if a lot of them are just instrumental clips.  

i took some photos last weekend in the rain and i'm editing and uploading them.  here are a few..

more on the way.

thanks for stopping by.  xo


14 August 2012

17 July 2012

i have a pile of instrumental tracks
and a little notebook full of words
and i'm trying to make them match
for some songs...
amongst everything else
that's going on...
to catch up
on this project.

i'll do my best.
thanks for stopping by.


06 June 2012

hi there.
i've uploaded youtube
versions of the last few videos..

thanks for stopping by. xo


02 June 2012

may's video ~

...ode to one of my favorite philosophers.

i've been adding more stuff to the images page.

thanks for lookin.   xo


05 April 2012

hi there.
i'm working on a few songs for this 2012 project.
i've fallen behind but i haven't forgotten about it!
i also have some photos to edit and upload.
this is one of my favorites,
from a house party during sxsw..

more on the way. xo


30 March 2012

when i was little and the outside world was disappointing or too painful to bear,
i would hang out in my room alone and create imaginary worlds of my own,
with stick figures going on all kinds of adventures.

i still do this now and the good thing about being an "adult" is that
i can make these imaginary worlds on my computer,
upload them to the internet, and share them with you.

this is my video for march:

thanks for watching. xo


21 March 2012

hi there. i'm taking a little break from this,
i'm busy with some other things right now.
i'll still have a song for every week and a video for every month,
but i need to work on some other stuff. xo


01 March 2012

thanks to the rain
the wildflowers are blooming again

i've been wandering around town the last few days
taking pictures. enjoy. xo


15 February 2012

upcoming show:

Tuesday, March 13
1400 E. 38th 1/2 St.
Austin, TX 78722

the show starts at 4 p.m.
here's the lineup:

Steve Arceri (at 4)
Miss Moonlight
Language of Light
Book of Shadows

hope to see you there.


14 February 2012

new photo added, from july 3rd, 2008
with my friends the warlocks:

i didn't post a song last week, so i'll upload two later this week. xo


05 February 2012

same tree:

i meant to post a song every saturday, but i was lazy last week. :/ maybe something today. xo


31 January 2012

My producer poses for my last photo for January:

One month down for this 2012 project. My favorite thing so far is the momentum..
not having time to analyze what I've just finished, because I have to move on to the next song or video or photo.
Is that good or bad? I don't know. I like the momentum though. My hands are getting back into shape,
and I'm learning new little recording & mixing tricks and video animation stuff.
It's nice to be able to focus, it's nice to get over the fear of putting stuff out there.

I received some harsh criticism from a good friend recently, regarding my music..
but I'm just going to keep doing this because it's what makes me happiest.
Thanks for stopping by.


01 January 2012

part II

I hate the feeling of walking on eggshells, especially when it comes to creativity.
I hate the voices in my head that analyze and over-analyze every little thing I do
to try to figure out if it's "good enough." Whatever that means.

So for a whole year, I'm not going to listen to those voices.
Just this once, I'm going to focus on quantity rather than quality.
A photo every day, a song every week, a video every month.
Maybe more, but not less.

Pure freedom of expression.

Thanks for stopping by. xo


part I

2012 ~

  a photo a day.   a song a week.   a video a month.

Happy New Year!